Throwing a princess party fit for royalty, doesn’t have to cost you royally. Though every princess dreams of a castle and her prince arriving on a white stallion, with a little imagination you can throw your little princess, the perfect princess party! Here’s a step by step guide on how to do just that!

Invitations and Setup

Though sending out a messenger with a trumpet may not be a practical option, your invitations should already set the mood for the party and give details that will help both children and parents, prepare accordingly for the ball. Think of activities you plan on organizing and whether children should come prepared.

When it comes to decorating for a party, it helps to work around a color palette. Whether your princess party is based on a disney princess such as Cinderella, Belle or Arial, sticking to certain colors will go a long way in making your party feel very put together. Color coordinated napkins, paper plates, plastic cups and lots of balloons are just a few little things that can make a big difference.

Party favors are a fun way to treat each little princess to something special. For a general princess party, little princess tiaras, princess themed hair accessories or glitter nail polish are sure to put a smile on any princess attending your ball.

Your sweets and snacks are another department where you can get really crafty. Edible glitter is your friend and can instantly upgrade any plain snack to princess status. Remember, it’s the details that count so opting for drinks that go with your color theme, crown shaped cookies and decorating with little princess cup cake toppers will make your little ones feel like royalty.

Disney Princess Themed Party

1. Beauty and the Beast

A Beauty and the Beast theme party should be planned around yellow, red and hints of gold. For all the Belles of the ball, party favors could include:

  • A children’s book
  • Belle inspired goodie bag with a hair accessory or sweets
  • Beauty and the Beast inspired enchanted mirror

You could organize a book exchange as one of you party games and ask parents if they have books their children would like to swap for another. Serve drinks in little plastic tea cups and don’t forget to play the theme song, Tale as Old as Time.

2. Cinderella

For a party inspired by Cinderella, blue and silver are a winner, tied together with a carriage centerpiece and carriage cake topper. Fairy godmother wands, clock shaped cookies set to midnight or miniature glass slippers filled with pumpkin shaped candy would make for great Cinderella inspired party favors.

For some Cinder fun, gather together some sheets and fabrics and play dress up. Little princesses can take turns being the godmother and creating a Cinderella dress for her friend. For another activity you could get a bucket of little blue flip flops and separate the pairs. Hide the left shoes in different spots and send each princess on a mission to find her missing slipper.

3. Snow White

A Snow White color palette incorporates red, yellow and blue. Caramel apples make for great Snow White inspired snacks and goodie bags with Prince Charming hershey kisses or miniature felt birds make for cute party favors. Incorporate little woodland creatures in to your decorations and remember, Snow White needs her seven dwarfs. Playing a trivia game to name all the dwarfs or act out their personalities is a great way to remind little princess of the value of friendship.

4. Little Mermaid

Turquoise, purple and red are sure to please little Ariels of the party and underwater decoration ideas are endless! Seashells, fishing nets and little ocean creatures are a must and a little face painting will bring out the little mermaid in any little girl.

For games, the little mermaids could play Disney theme Taboo or decorate pillow cases to look like mermaid tails and then play mermaid tail hop to see what it’s really like to have a mermaid tail.

5. Frozen

Growing more popular, Frozen is another party theme your little ones will surely love. An Elsa and Anna party calls for snowy decorations and of course, Olaf. Pin the nose on Olaf is just one game your little ones can and join and his bright orange nose is a perfect opportunity to sneak in some baby carrots between the sweets. 

With 5 parts baking soda to 1 part white hair conditioner you’re little ones can have hours of sensory play with DIY snow. 

6. Princess and the Frog

Green and purple are the colors you want to focus if you’re throwing a party inspired by Princess Tiana. Tiana’s beignets and gummy frogs should be on your menu. Just like with pin the nose on Olaf, you could play pin the kiss on the frog.