What makes the iconic Disney princess hairstyle? Let’s take a look at the most popular Disney princesses and identify those pretty little girl hairstyles and hair accessories that transform a little girl into a true princess.

Iconic Disney Princess Hairstyles & Hair Accessories:

● Tiaras and headbands- No Disney princess hairstyle is complete without a tiara, crown or headband. We particularly love Cinderella’s blue tiara and Princess Jasmine’s silky teal headband with blue jewel.

● Hair clips – From delicate Magnolias for a Mulan Disney princess look, to tropical white and pink Plumerias for a Moana island vibe, hair clips can really take a little girl’s hairstyle from an everyday look, to the belle of the ball.

● Curls – For a Disney princess hairstyle, waves and curls help add that soft look to an updo. Take the long golden locks of Sleeping Beauty, to the Brunette waves of Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

● Hairstyles – When styling a Disney princess look, pay close attention to how the princess wears her hair for different occasions. Most Disney princesses will have a hair braid or updo for a special event. Take Queen Elsa from Frozen. Her ice blonde hair is elegantly braided to one side, whereas Belle from Beauty and the Beast has a half up, half-down hairstyle, finished off with a yellow ribbon.

● Color – Each Disney princess has a favorite color. Ariel loves pink and gold, Cinderella loves baby blue and Belle from Beauty and the Beast loves yellow and gold. Make sure to choose the right color headband and hair accessories when styling the perfect Disney princess hairstyle.

Little girls love to dress up as their favorite Disney princess. Putting on a beautiful ball gown dress, a tiara or princess headband can make their princess dreams come true. Help your daughter, sister or niece become the Disney princess of her dreams, with a beautiful hairstyle.

There is something special about dressing up as a child. It helps spark imagination, as well as giving children confidence by feeling like the character they love and look up to. This can boost self-esteem and give your child that reassurance when going to a birthday party or special event.

Beauty and the Beast Headbands and Hair Clips for Little Girls Hairstyles

If your little girl loves the classic and charming love story of Beauty and the Beast, you can create Belle’s elegant hairstyle with Disney princess accessories.

First, let’s start with the princess hairstyle:

Belle from Beauty and the Beast often wears her long brown hair in a half-up, half-down updo. Here’s how to create this Disney princess look:

  • Start by backcombing the hair at the roots gently. This will add texture and volume.
  • Take about a third of the hair from the top of the head and secure at the crown of the head, in a loose bun. You can use hairpins or hair ties to do this.
  • Curl the remaining hair with a large barrel curling iron.
  • Spray lightly with hairspray.
  • Add a yellow or gold Disney princess headband to finish this beautiful little girl’s hairstyle.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast is a beautiful Disney princess hairstyle for children’s birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, or for a fun princess dress up game.