Bring your birthday party at home to life with a magical Mickey Mouse party. Discover our collection of Disney party decorations.

Plan A Mickey Mouse Party At Home

Bring a little magic to your child’s birthday party at home with a Mickey Mouse inspired celebration. Since many families are now choosing to celebrate their kid’s birthday. It’s time to get creative and make this special day an enchanting experience. Planning a party at home is a fun and creative activity for the whole family to get involved in. Plus making your Disney party a little more exciting with Mickey mouse party. Decorations and cute hair accessories will help children, feel more uplifted and positive, even during these uncertain times. As Walt Disney himself once said, ‘Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.’ So it’s our responsibility to nurture our children’s imagination and create wonderful childhood memories, whether it’s during a global pandemic or not. So when their birthday arrives, it marks a key opportunity for you to help them become inspired, smile and laugh out loud. With that being said, let’s now talk, Disney party decorations!

Disney Party Decorations

A Mickey Mouse party is a great theme for little boys and girls and will give your home a burst of color. Choosing black and red Disney party decorations, will transform your home into a world of wonder and magic. At Royal Baby US, we have an online collection of Mickey Mouse party centerpieces, cupcake holders and candy gift bags to make your party at home extra special. Here are 5 must-have Mickey Mouse inspired party decorations and accessories.

Classic Mickey Mouse Centerpiece

Choose our classic Mickey Mouse centerpiece to add instant glamour to your party table. A 6 inch Mickey Mouse head covered in glitter, it will certainly catch the light and sparkle throughout your celebration.

Red Princess Mickey Mouse Party Centerpiece

Or if you’re hosting a little girl’s birthday bash, perhaps our red princess Mickey Mouse centerpiece would enhance your party table and tempt little partygoers to indulge in some sweet snacks or light finger food?

Mickey Mouse Cupcake Toppers

One of the best parts of planning a children’s birthday party is baking cupcakes together. So, to complement your Disney party theme, check out these adorable Mickey Mouse cupcake toppers. Available in four colors, pink white, gold and silver, they just add an elegant finishing touch to any style of homemade cupcakes and will tie in beautifully with your Disney party at home theme.

Minnie Mouse Party Favor Bags

If you are inviting a couple of friends or family members over to your child’s birthday party, make sure to send them home with something sweet. Our Minnie Mouse party favor bags are perfect to store candy, crayons, bubbles or a small toy inside. Made from foam and in the shape of a purse, they can also be used in the future for dressing up and fancy dress parties.

Disney Party Favor Gift Bo

Since a party at home is usually a more intimate celebration, you can often afford to splash out when it comes to party decorations and favors. Our Disney party favor gift boxes ooze Disney magic, and will surely hold something special inside! The perfect place to put a more expensive party favor, or to store candy inside and make your party table more interesting! Take a look at our stunning Mickey Mouse inspired party favor boxes online now.

Mickey Mouse Hair Accessories.

If you’re celebrating a little girl’s birthday party at home, make each guest feel extra special when attending this magical event, by investing in our online collection of Disney party headbands. Featuring classic Mickey Mouse ears and adorned with a Disney princess, they will help party guests channel their inner Disney princess at your daughter’s celebration.

Plus, they can also double up as a party favor too! From Beauty and The Beast and Frozen, to The Little Mermaid and Cinderella, honour each guest with her own Disney headband.