Though sending out a messenger with a trumpet may not be a practical option, your invitations should already set the mood for the party and give details that will help both children and parents, prepare accordingly for the ball. Think of activities you plan on organizing and whether children should come prepared.

When it comes to decorating for a party, it helps to work around a color palette. Whether your princess party is based on a disney princess such as Cinderella, Belle or Arial, sticking to certain colors will go a long way in making your party feel very put together. Color coordinated napkins, paper plates, plastic cups and lots of balloons are just a few little things that can make a big difference.

Party favors are a fun way to treat each little princess to something special. For a general princess party, little princess tiaras, princess themed hair accessories or glitter nail polish are sure to put a smile on any princess attending your ball.

Your sweets and snacks are another department where you can get really crafty. Edible glitter is your friend and can instantly upgrade any plain snack to princess status. Remember, it’s the details that count so opting for drinks that go with your color theme, crown shaped cookies and decorating with little princess cup cake toppers will make your little ones feel like royalty.